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Cromarty Medical Practice, Allan Square, Cromarty, Highlands, IV11 8YF

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Private Fees List

Private Fees List 2023.24. Updated Feb 24 (1)

Private Fees List – 2023/24
Full Examination and Report £250.00
Detailed Letter (No Examination) £140.00
GP Letter Supplying Brief Clinical Information £50.00
Soul and Conscience Letter (with Visit) £50.00
Soul and Conscience Letter (No Visit) £30.00
Jury Exemption FOC
Confirm Child Fit for TV/Radio/Theatre £30.00
Confirm Fit to Fly £30.00
Confirm Medication Taken on Aeroplane £20.00
Solicitors Letters
Guardianship Report on Proforma £150.00
Power of Attorney on Proforma £150.00
Legal Letter Supplying Clinical Information £100.00
Letter to Confirm Capacity £50.00
Reports and Forms  
Medico-legal Medical and Report £250.00
  –  if review of records £275.00
Pro-forma Report, no exam £80.00
“Targeted” insurance company reports £80.00
EC04 Scheme Flex £80.00
CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) Report £50.00
Form (2 page) to confirm fit for Pilgrimage £30.00
Holiday Cancellation Form £15.00
Sickness/Accident Insurance Benefit Claim Form (per page) £15.00
Firearms/Shotgun Licence £80.00
Compulsory Treatment Order £177.18
Social Work Requests
Adoption Medical £80.00
Kinship carer Looked After Children report £50.00
Occupational Health Medicals  
Occupational Health and Employment Medicals £250.00
Hand, Arm, Vibration Assessment £250.00
Lead Medicals for HSE (including lead, ZPP and Hb blood tests) £120.00
Asbestos Medical (without chest x-ray) £100.00
Ionising Radiation Regulations Medical £100.00
Professional Motorsport Medical (go karting/rally driving) £90.00
Scuba Diving Medical £90.00
HGV/PSV/PCV/Forklift Medical £90.00
Drugs and Alcohol Screening £85.00
Drugs and Alcohol Screening (kit supplied by company) £50.00
ENG1 Medical £115.00
ML5 Seafarer Medical £115.00
Army Medical £80.00
ENG1 Duplicate Certificate (if lost) £20.00
AWI where none already exists for that patient £107.69
 –   Under Care at Home policy (medicines at home)
Spirometry with Reversibility £75.00
Spirometry £50.00
Private ECG                                 £50.00
Private Script £15.00


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